Real People. Real Stories.

The Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama (BEAA) is gathering success stories and testimonials from ex-smokers who have quit or reduced their smoking by using smoke-free alternatives. These testimonials are publicly posted on our website and may be shared with lawmakers to combat anti-vaping legislation.

By creating a public repository of successful vape stories, we aim to provide a strong rebuttal to those seeking to restrict access to e-cigarettes and other smoke-free products. Our objective is to compile a comprehensive collection of impactful individual accounts that unequivocally demonstrate the effectiveness of low-risk alternatives such as e-cigarettes, snus, and other smoke-free tobacco/nicotine products in helping smokers quit their habit.

You have the freedom to craft your personal narrative as you wish, whether that means including or omitting specific details. Nevertheless, if you require some guidance, we have compiled a list of questions that you might want to consider:

  • How long were you a smoker?
  • When did you begin using a smoke-free alternative?
  • What type of smoke-free products do you use (please do not mention brand or company names)? Has this changed over time?
  • Do you still smoke, and if so, how much have you reduced your smoking?
  • Did you use both tobacco and the smoke-free product simultaneously before completely quitting smoking (if yes, for how long)? Or did you switch immediately? Did you quit using tobacco/nicotine entirely for a period before adopting a low-risk alternative?
  • What methods (NRT, Chantix, counseling, etc.) did you try before transitioning to a smoke-free alternative? For how long did you remain smoke-free using these other approaches before relapsing?
  • What positive and negative changes have you experienced in your quality of life since incorporating the smoke-free alternative?

Feel free to compose your narrative in a word processor and copy-paste it here. Please note that you must input your entire story in one session; you cannot save it and return later. There is no maximum length for your story. Please bear in mind that by submitting your narrative, you agree to have it posted online.