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BEAA’s (Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama) Mission Statement

At the Breathe Easier Alliance of Alabama (BEAA), we are steadfast in our dedication to bolster and augment the representation of both consumers and retailers engaged with Smoke-free Alternatives and Hemp in Alabama. Our paramount task is to champion their rights, safeguard their interests, and maintain their influence within pertinent arenas of policy-making, all while adhering to strategies fortified by empirical evidence.

As a robust consumer advocacy organization, we accord due recognition to the role of cutting-edge scientific research and data-driven insights in effectively shaping policy decisions. Committed to this ethos, we are ceaselessly engaged in broadening our understanding and awareness of the field’s evolving landscape. Equally, we persist in disseminating this knowledge amongst our members, thereby cultivating an informed and proactive community.

We advocate for policies that are substantiated by rigorous scientific evidence, laying the groundwork for an approach to policy-making that is both methodical and credible. Our ultimate objective is to effectuate positive transformation within these communities, a goal we aspire to achieve by influencing policy directions and ensuring the implementation of protections anchored in comprehensive scientific scrutiny.