BEAA is reformed under new leadership

Dear BEAA Members and Alabama Shop Owners,

We are excited to announce that our newly elected BEAA Board members have been working tirelessly behind the scenes to form a new board and develop a viable plan of action against the latest ABC inspections regarding HB-273 passed by the state legislature. After much research and deliberation, the board has voted and agreed to hire Meredith Wills as our lobbyist to help approach this legislation in the best manner possible. Ms. Wills has identified two main areas of importance to help make an impact: eliminate the uncertainty on TFN (tobacco free nicotine) and repeal specific areas of HB-273. These areas include the ABC and DOR not having proper systems in place and the ABC’s inability to properly enforce and educate businesses on the subject matter in HB273. While repealing all of HB-273 may be improbable, supporting T-21, marketing and labeling restrictions, and the Alabama ENDS Directory will serve our best interests.

Ms. Wills will also present statistics compiled regarding underage sales, showing that the majority of children and underage sales of vapor products are sold from corner stores, not specialty retailers. We believe retaining Ms. Wills and her consulting firm is necessary to approach the regulations with workable solutions, which will help small business owners remain operational and in business. However, the representation made for our industry in this matter comes at a great cost. Retaining Ms. Wills and her consulting agency will cost our Alabama industry stakeholders $64,000 for the next 12 months. This representation will also include assistance in any hemp-related regulations that may occur in the coming year.

As members of the BEAA, we are already paying towards the first installments of this contract, but we need the help and support of other businesses and consumers within the state to make the necessary changes to the current legislation.

Joining the BEAA is easy and affordable, and we believe it is essential for the future of our industry in Alabama. Your business can make a significant difference in the fight to protect our industry, and we invite you to join us as a member of the BEAA. Our organization is made up of business owners who are committed to protecting our rights and ensuring that our industry can continue to thrive. As a member of the BEAA, you will have access to a variety of resources and support, including regular updates on regulatory developments and advocacy efforts, as well as opportunities to connect with other business owners in the industry. You will also have a voice in shaping our advocacy efforts and determining the direction of our organization.

Our member and consumer websites are being completely rebuilt to make dues and payments easier. For now, those wishing to make a donation or set up membership can do so with any member of the board. We look forward to like-minded business owners in the state joining our group and being able to deliver frequent updates on our efforts to all stakeholders doing business in the state.

Thank you for your support.


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