BEAA Board Member


Don Frederick


Mission Statement

At the age of 32, grappling with multiple health issues, I experienced a heart attack that confined me to the hospital for six days. During that time, I had ample opportunity to reflect on my life, and I realized that I needed to make significant changes to ensure my presence for my beloved wife and children.

Having been a smoker since the tender age of 16, I had made numerous attempts to quit without success. However, in 2014, a dear friend introduced me to vaping. From that very day, I was able to set aside cigarettes and cease smoking altogether. Remarkably, I have not touched a single cigarette since then. In just a few months, I started noticing a substantial improvement in my overall health. It became abundantly clear to me that this newfound passion was something I wanted to pursue.

Consequently, I made the difficult decision to close my investigation company, which had been operating for 13 years, and embarked on a career in the vape industry. My primary goal was to assist people in transforming their lives, just as I had transformed mine. Since 2015, I have been a fervent advocate for the alternative nicotine industry, tirelessly working to support those who wish to change their lifestyles.

By joining the BEAA (Alternative Nicotine Advocacy Organization), I have gained a platform to amplify my voice and fight for the rights of industry workers and consumers on a broader scale. My commitment to this cause remains unwavering, and I will continue to champion the alternative nicotine industry, striving to empower individuals seeking positive transformations in their lives.

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